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Starting A Club

Starting A Club


Establishing a Student Club

To organize a student club, students must gather 30 or more persons as original members and submit an application to Division of Student Activities (DSA) under the Office of Student Affairs. After receiving an application, the DSA shall convene a meeting of its Student Club Review Committee to consider the application.

If the founding purpose of the club is similar to any existing club, or is not appropriate, the Student Club Review Committee may reject the application. If an applicant disagrees with the decision, they may submit an appeal to the Student Club Appeals Committee. Rules governing the organization of the Student Club Appeals Committee and its appeal procedures will be separately adopted.

Any application to establish a new student club must be submitted in April with the following documents:

(1)    An application and registration form for establishment of a student club

(2)    A draft organization charter for the club

(3)    Annual activity plans

(4)    A three-year medium-term development plan

(5)    Information regarding the club's supervising instructor


Verification Procedure

An application to establish a new student club will follow the procedures below:

(1)    When considering an application, the Student Club Review Committee may require that the DSA and the club organizer appoint persons to attend the meeting to provide necessary information.

(2)    Once a club has been approved, public announcement will be made directly by the DSA.

(3)    If the club organizer opposes the decision of the Student Club Review Committee, it shall submit a written application for a re-hearing by the Student Club Review Committee within two weeks after the official announcement (including the date of the announcement). Only one such appeal may be submitted.


The Student Club Review Committee

The Student Club Review Committee shall be comprised of seven members, which shall include the director of the DSA as the convener; persons recommended by the DSA with experience in supervising student clubs and staff members from the DSA, for a total of three persons; the president of the NTHU Student Association; and two further students selected as student representatives.


Club Charters

A NTHU student club charter must include the following:

(1)    The name of the club (must include the full name, "National Tsing Hua University")

(2)    The club's founding purpose

(3)    Club organization and assignment of positions

(4)    The conditions for joining, leaving, or being expelled from the club

(5)    The rights and obligations of club members

(6)    The number of club officers, their authority, terms of office, election, and dismissal

(7)    The methods of convening meetings and passing resolutions

(8)    Expenditures and accounting

(9)    Amendment of the charter

(10)  The year, month, and day on which the charter is adopted


Establishment and Registration of Clubs

A club that has been approved and organized shall immediately make a public solicitation for club members, and shall convene an inaugural general meeting prior to June 15 of the given year in order to pass its club charter and elect a club responsible person and club officers.

Within two weeks after its establishment, a club shall report to the DSA for registration and for issuance of a club seal by submitting a copy of the minutes of the inaugural general meeting (including the club charter that was adopted), information on the club's responsible person and club officers.

No private, unauthorized club seal may be made. If the club seal is lost, the club shall apply for a replacement to be issued by the DSA. The necessary costs for replacement shall be borne by the club itself.

When there is any change in a club's charter, supervising instructor, responsible person, club officers, or financial status following the club's establishment, an amendment of the club's registration shall be made within seven days after the change.


 Changes in Club Officers and Club Names

An official handover from a current club leader to a successive one must be done by submitting a list of names of new club officers within the deadline publicly announced by the DSA.

Any change to the officers of a club or the persons appointed to those positions in a given academic year shall be immediately reported to the DSA for its records.

A club that wants to change its name shall submit an application by May of the given year. Such applications may not be submitted in two successive years.


Reestablishing a Club

When a student club has been reduced and merged with another or has been disbanded, it may apply to establish a common interest group. The schedule for applications shall be the same as for the establishment of a new club. After the group has received a ranking of "B" or above, it may then be reestablished as a club.

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